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by Sciton


BBL Hero™ (Broadband light) and Moxi is now available at Ellis & Jones Clinic!

We are proud to have the world's best technology to provide advanced results for our clients across all clinic locations.

Sciton is one of the leading providers of aesthetic laser and light technology. BBL and Moxi are the powerhouse duo of treatment technologies that form Sciton’s mJOULE platform – one of its newest and greatest innovations.

These two non-invasive skin treatments can be performed individually or in combination. They work to rejuvenate the skin and improve concerns such as fine lines, pigmentation including melasma, scarring, texture, redness/veins, sun damage and laxity. For the first time, these treatments can be performed on ANY skin tone.

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Available from June 2024.

Skin Texture

What are BBL & Moxi laser treatments?

BBL (Broadband light)

BBL (Broadband light) is the worlds most powerful IPL device on the market. It sets new standards for achieving significant skin improvements associated with aging - removing undesired pigmentation, reducing redness and plenty more! BBL uses photothermal energy to gently heat the upper layers of the skin, stimulating regeneration of cells and dramatically giving skin a more youthful appearance. This makes your skin look smoother, healthier and more vibrant and requires less treatments and downtime than other IPL systems. 

What does BBL treat?

  • Sun damage, age spots, freckles

  • Uneven skin tone

  • Acne

  • Redness

  • Vascular lesions / broken capillaries

  • Rosacea

  • Fine lines and wrinkles  

  • Skin laxity  

  • Skin texture  

  • Port wine stains

  • Can treat most skin types


An initial series of 3 corrective treatments, performed monthly are recommended. Thereafter, 1-3 treatments yearly are advised for best results.

BBL - Forever clear

Acne is a complex and multifactorial skin condition that can be difficult and time consuming to treat and resolve. Forever Clear is a new and innovative treatment option for acne, using powerful broadband light to regenerate and recover the skin. It is a unique and sophisticated treatment program that is able to target and improve various factors that contribute to acne; inflammation, the presence of bacteria, excessive sebum production and a slow cell turnover leading to a build-up/blockage in the pores.

Step one:

Blue BBL light is used to eliminate acne causing bacteria, by creating an environment where it can’t survive. Elements of P.Acnes/ C.Acnes are sensitive to BBL blue light. When it is exposed to this light it is destroyed and unable to spread.

How BBL Forever Clear works

Step two:

A combination of red and yellow BBL light is used to reduce inflammation and visible redness on the skin. A reduction in inflammation helps to decrease long term scarring.

Step three:

Infrared light is used to stimulate the body’s natural healing process to encourage the repair and rejuvenation of weakened skin cells. This step also complements and enhances the results from step one and two.


Patients around the globe love MOXI! It is a relatively new technology to NZ and we have the only device in the Waikato and one of the only devices in the South Island!


Moxi is a gentle yet powerful fractional laser, designed with everyone in mind. After topical numbing is applied, Moxi delivers non-ablative laser energy to the target area to correct signs of sun damage and aging (no matter the season or skin type), for a glowing and clear complexion. Treatment takes approximately 10 minutes!


Until now, darker skin tones have had minimal options to treat pigment and it's been incredibly difficult to treat melasma/hormonal pigmentation. Ditch the intensive peel programs that take months of consistent management! Moxi is a safe and effective treatment to resurface the skin, with minimal downtime and fast results.

What does Moxi treat?

  • Uneven skin tone

  • Large pores

  • Melasma (hormonal pigmentation)

  • Texture/Scarring

  • Prerejuvenation and Rejuvenation

  • Any skin type

  • Any time of the year

Depending on the severity of the skin concern, an initial series of 3 corrective treatments, performed monthly are recommended. Thereafter, 1-3 treatments yearly are advised for best results.

Pricing List

BBL Hero

Half face $400

Full face $600

Neck $400

Chest $600

Face + Neck $850

Face + Chest $950

Face + Neck + Chest $1200


Half arms $500

Full arms $700

Half back $500

Full back $700

Hands $300

Half legs, upper/lower $600

Full legs $850


Prepay a series of 3 single area treatments and save 10%





Half face $250

Full face $400

Back $500


Prepay a series of 3 single area treatments and save 10%



Full face $600

Chest $600

Face + Chest $950

Neck add-on $200


Prepay a series of 3 single area treatments $1600

Prepay a series of 3 face/neck/chest $3000


BBL + MOXI combination


Yes - we can do BBL & Moxi together! In this case, 1+1=3!! Double down on your results with the most powerful skin rejuvenation treatment on the market.


Full face $850

Face + Neck $1050

Neck + Chest $1050

Face + Neck + Chest $1500

Chest $850

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